Assisting organisations to increase business success using our knowledge of organisational psychology.


People Growth Partners

People Growth Partners use their extensive knowledge of organisational psychology to assist organisations, businesses, leaders, work teams and individuals to achieve business success. We tailor-make programs to meet organisational or company requirements and improve results for your business or situation.




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Executive Coaching

Executives often find themselves in need of coaching. People Growth Partners provide confidential coaching for business executives and leaders.



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Leadership Development

People Growth Partners believe that effective leadership is the most essential component of organisational effectiveness and business success.



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Team Building

The team is a leader’s greatest asset and challenge. The challenge is to bring diverse skills and experience together and ensure the achievement of both individual and business goals. People Growth Partners can help build your team.



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Change Management

People Growth Partners facilitate a change management process that includes strategies to deal with employees during the process of change. We facilitate change while remaining committed to the purpose of the business.



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Facilitation & Implementation of a Business Strategy

People Growth Partners have a systemic approach to a business strategy and involve many parties and research sources in the analysis of your business.



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